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August, 2010

Seiko Sponsors 29er & 49er Class


Odyssey Time Inc. has agreed to sponsor the 2010 49er Canadian Championship and the concurrent 2010 29erXX North American Championship. This partnership with the local North American fleet builds on a running three year relationship between Seiko and the International 49er and 29erXX Classes. Since 2007, Seiko has been the official watch partner of the International 49er Class. In 2008 Seiko joined forces with the new and growing 29erXX class for women.

The 2010 Seiko 49er.ca Championship & Seiko 29erXX North Americans will be held from August 21 – 25 during Kingston, Ontario’s annual Canadian Olympic Training Regatta (CORK). This event will be preceded by the North American Championships for the similar 29er class. This will be Seiko’s 2nd year running in Kingston, after having sponsored the 2009 49er North Americans.

The renewal of this partnership builds symmetry between Seiko’s efforts in Europe and in North America. “This event will help align two strong, bold entities,” said Trevor Parekh, President of the Canadian 49er Class Association. “We are pleased to continue our relationship with Seiko locally to help build both brands in North America in 2010,” said Parekh.

Jen Morgan Glass, 29erXX International Class President, added that, “Seiko has been a huge supporter of the 29erXX since the beginning and our class has seen much success as a result. Seiko and the “9er” brand share similar qualities: the need for precision and performance. This makes us a great match.”

The International 49er Class is the Men’s High Performance Dinghy for the 2012 Olympics in London. It has been an Olympic class since its selection in 1997. The class has nearly 1200 boats sailing on 6 continents. This year the class adopted a modern, full carbon mast to increase its performance. It is by far the most spectacular of all Olympic class sailboats and provides some of the most exciting racing. There are over 100 49er boats across North America.

The 29erXX is the Elite version of the 29er, with a high-powered rig for the existing 29er hull. The 29erXX features a square-head main, larger jib, masthead kite and twin-trapeze which add power and excitement to the standard 29er hull. All of these upgrades fit nicely on to the existing 29er platform, so upgrading is simplicity itself. The 29erXX narrowly missed Olympic selection for 2012. Regardless, the class continues to grow worldwide as sailors enjoy the technical, tactical, physical and fast nature of the boat. For more information please visit: www.29erXX.com .

July, 2010

Seiko, Official sponsor of 2010 IAAF Junior Championships!


In 1985, the IAAF invited SEIKO to be its timing partner for all its major international athletics championships. SEIKO has provided timing systems and personnel to no less than 10 World Championships, 5 Indoor Championships and many other international class events. At major championships, SEIKO’s team will comprise over 40 skilled and full time engineers.

July 19 - 25, Seiko will be an official sponsor of the 2010 IAAF Junior Championships in Moncton, NB

May, 2009

The first Canadian SEIKO boutique

May marks a new era for the SEIKO brand in the Canadian market place.

David Cheong, President of Odyssey Time Inc is pleased to announce the grand opening of the first Canadian SEIKO boutique located at 131 Bloor Street West, Toronto Ontario.

The store is designed to showcase the very best of the SEIKO brand and is a unique platform for the most exclusive Seiko designs, including those that are entirely new to the Canadian market.
In the SEIKO boutique, a consumer will have the opportunity to view the latest models from the international Elite Collections: Premier, Arctura, Sportura, Velatura and coming this fall, Ananta. In addition, exclusive Japanese domestic products will be showcased.
Targeting a higher end consumer, the product available will range from retails of $500 to $10,000.

Not only will the SEIKO boutique offer each consumer a luxury retail experience but will provide a look into what makes SEIKO a world leader in the watch industry. With a chance to view and learn about the technologies and craftsmanship that SEIKO is most famous for, Spring Drive and Kinetic Direct Drive to name a few, the SEIKO boutique is the destination for watch aficionados of all classes.
Unveiling newly designed SEIKO branded showcases and advertising materials, the SEIKO boutique is a representation to which all SEIKO retailers can aspire.

Additionally, consumers can view the latest product from SEIKO’s sister brand, Pulsar.

For further information, please contact Victoria Salemi (vsalemi@seikocan.com) at Odyssey Time Inc.

March, 2009


Ananta. The craftsmanship of Katana. The cutting edge of SEIKO.

SEIKO Watch Corporation is proud to announce the launch, at Baselworld 2009, of a new Elite Collection, SEIKO Ananta.

SEIKO Ananta is an exclusive collection of luxury timepieces with Spring Drive and high-grade mechanical movements, targeted at those who truly understand and appreciate fine watchmaking. SEIKO Ananta is a watch designed to deliver a lifetime of delight and satisfaction, as it is supremely comfortable to wear, enjoyable to use and unrivaled in its quality of engineering. SEIKO Ananta is a watch for today and for all time.
The artistry of Katana

Katana is the ancient art of sword-making. First developed over 800 years ago, the Katana sword is a single sided, curved blade designed to be drawn from its scabbard and used in a single motion. Its legendary sharpness comes from a unique kind of steel and a particular forging process, developed over the centuries, which combines great handcraft skills with the highest technology. Today, Katana swords are still made and prized for their beauty and precision.
These themes of precision, artistry, parabolic curves and sharpness all find expression in the new Ananta collection. The side of the case has the distinctive Katana curve and a three-stage ‘blade’ polishing process gives the case its remarkable mirror finish, as smooth and flat as a Katana sword. The long, graceful curve of the case is made possible by a unique construction in which the case back and lugs are crafted from a single piece of steel.

Ananta. The search for the Infinite

Ananta is a Sanskrit word that means ‘the infinite’. When the SEIKO product development team embarked on this project, they were given infinite scope to build a watch that embodied the SEIKO vision of “the most technologically advanced craftsmanship in the world”. They were allowed to use any movement, or build new ones. They had the freedom to explore any design direction and seek new inspiration wherever they chose. Ananta is the result. A collection that expresses SEIKO’s dedication to infinite perfection.
Mechanical watchmaking at its finest

Ever since the late 1960’s when SEIKO’s mechanical watchmaking skills were recognised with the highest ever scores at the Geneva and Neuchatel Observatory competitions, SEIKO has refined its luxury watchmaking skills and has created a steady stream of ever more advanced and perfect movements, including, in 1998, the celebrated 9S caliber used in the Grand Seiko series. Most of these movements were used, until today, in timepieces reserved exclusively for the Japanese market.
With Ananta, SEIKO’s high-grade mechanical watchmaking finally arrives on the global stage. The collection includes three mechanical calibers, two of which are new and all of which deliver superlative levels of precision, long term reliability and power reserve.

To see and feel each Ananta mechanical watch is to realize that it is an entirely authentic prestige watch in the mainstream of fine watchmaking. However, SEIKO’s approach to mechanical watchmaking is unique. Our movement designers have always sought to satisfy the customer who seeks a “watch for life”. Over-elaboration is eschewed in favor of a profound level of quality and engineering elegance which increases the precision, longevity and performance of the watch. It also makes after-care easier and delivers functions that are easy to see and simple to use.

The 28800 vph mechanical movements in Ananta embody this ‘watch for life’ concept.

The 8R28 Automatic Chronograph incorporates column wheel and vertical clutch systems for ultimate timekeeping precision.

The 6R24 Double Retrograde caliber offers day and date retrograde dials in a new layout and, like its companion 6R21, has an extended power reserve of over 45 hours.
All three calibers use SEIKO’s unique SPRON 510 alloy for the mainsprings to deliver enhanced performance and all three use the Magic Lever system that SEIKO pioneered in 1959 and which still leads the industry today. The Magic Lever dramatically increases the efficiency and speed of the winding of the mainspring.

SEIKO Spring Drive. The quiet revolution continues

With the inclusion of Spring Drive in the Ananta collection, SEIKO opens a new chapter in the story of this remarkable movement. With its unique glide motion and industry-leading accuracy of one second a day, Spring Drive continues to re-define luxury watchmaking. Leading the Ananta collection is the Spring Drive Chronograph, the only luxury chronograph to measure elapsed time precisely, and not to the nearest tick. Alongside the chronograph is a Spring Drive GMT in which the extended power reserve of 72 hours is expressed in a Katana-blade shaped sub-dial.
Ananta opens a new chapter in SEIKO’s history

SEIKO Ananta is a landmark collection whose arrival heralds an important new step forward for the whole SEIKO brand.

It is the first Elite Collection designed for the luxury watch market.
It is the first Elite Collection to be marketed both internationally and in Japan.
It includes 2 new calibers.
It is the first Elite Collection to include Spring Drive,
and, most importantly,
It is the first SEIKO collection to showcase SEIKO’s high-grade mechanical watchmaking artistry.

With Ananta, SEIKO announces its long term aspiration to be a leading ‘manufacture’, and to offer the world’s most advanced craftsmanship to those who truly appreciate fine watches.

March, 2009

SEIKO 2009

The two SEIKO fine watch studios.
Dedicated to perfection.

The precious responsibility of crafting SEIKO’s very finest timepieces is shared between two remarkable studios, one in the woods of northern Japan near Morioka and the other high in the mountains of central Japan. In recent years, these studios have created some remarkable timepieces whose technology, artistry and quality craftsmanship have generated great interest among watch enthusiasts worldwide, including the Grand Seiko 9S caliber, the Spring Drive Sonnerie and the Spacewalk chronograph.

The Shizukuishi Watch Studio. Home of mechanical watch excellence

For over 70 years, SEIKO’s Morioka facility has consistently and continuously developed its watchmaking skills in every area of the art, and today is one of the very few watchmaking houses to build every single component of its mechanical watches, including the balance springs and mainsprings. In 2004, the Shizukuishi Watch Studio was added to the Morioka facilities and given the responsibility to further develop its high grade mechanical watchmaking as demand from collectors and mechanical watch enthusiasts grew. Today, the Studio, which takes its name from the village of Shizukuishi, has over 60 members, 19 of whom are Master Craftsmen, and there are currently over 20 different mechanical calibers in production at the Studio.
The uniqueness of the Shizukuishi Studio is that it combines the very highest technology with hand craftsmanship of extraordinary quality. Thus, the most advanced miniaturization technology allows balance springs of 0.03mm to be made here while in the same facility, master engravers are at work, creating patterns on the movement bridges to a depth of just 0.15mm and modifying curves to within a tolerance of 0.01mm, by hand and eye alone. The Shizukuishi Watch Studio is a true ‘manufacture’ in every sense.
This fusion of high technology and hand craftsmanship is more than a matter of professional pride in Shizukuishi. It brings real benefits to owners of Studio’s creations. In 1998 when the celebrated 9S movement was born, its extended power reserve (50 hours) and proven high accuracy (+5 to -3 seconds a day) were achieved though the combination of cutting edge CAE / CAD / CAM and the adjustment skills of craftsmen recognised as among the very best in the world, including Mr. Sakurada and Mr. Terui, both of whom have been awarded craftsmanship awards by the Emperor of Japan.

The respect for tradition and quality extends to even the furniture. Every desk is customized for its user and is made from a traditional Japanese wood, ‘Iwayadou Tansu’, coated in a locally made lacquer to give each desk a luxurious and calm atmosphere.

The Shizukuishi Watch Studio’s vision says it all: “Building in quality with painstaking care”

The Shinshu Watch Studio. Creating watches that deepen in character over time.

The visitor to the Studio is first impressed by its location. The small town of Shiojiri is high in the mountains of Nagano Prefecture in central Japan, and through every window, the Hida, Kiso and Yatsugatake mountains look down on the Studio, their height seemingly increased and their distance foreshortened by the cleanliness of the mountain air. The Studio takes its name, Shinshu, from the former name for Nagano.
Once inside, the eye is drawn to the many landmark timepieces that the Studio has created since its inception in the late 1990’s. The Credor Spring Drive Sonnerie and the Spring Drive Spacewalk are proudly displayed around the extensive premises, in addition to many important pieces from SEIKO’s historical collection. The Shinshu facility houses three separate studios that, together, contain every aspect of the watchmaker’s art.
The main studio (called ‘Takumi’, or Mastery) assembles and adjusts all the Spring Drive and other high-grade movements made by this Shiojiri facility. The jewelry studio works the precious metals and stones used in many SEIKO and Credor jewelry watches and effects the diamond cutting of the hands and indexes as well as the ‘blade’ polishing of watches like the new Ananta.
Lastly, the Micro Artist Studio is home to an elite group of just 10 master craftsmen who make individual timepieces, including the Spring Drive Sonnerie, whose 5-per-year production is already reserved by customers for the next two years. It also made the Credor Spring Drive “Eichi” whose ‘Torque Return’ system was a highlight of Baselworld 2008. This studio is a small but complete ‘manufacture’. The Micro Artists plan, design, manufacture, assemble and regulate all their watches themselves.
The Shinshu Studio has a very clear vision of its purpose. All 180 qualified technicians share the dream of making watches whose beauty and practicality are the most durable and long-lasting in the world. Their goal is to make watches whose design is impressive at first sight, but which are so well made, practical and durable that their appeal grows with the years.

A sign hangs nonchalantly outside the door to the Micro Artist Studio. It describes, in both Japanese and English, the philosophy and mission of the whole Shinshu Studio, including the words
“Our watches bring long-term satisfaction, the feeling of Japanese and are reliable to wear until grandchildren.”

Having seen the range of skills, the depth of dedication of the craftsmen and the high technology movement design that supports their work, every visitor to Shinshu will most definitely agree.

May, 2008

Mercury Free

SEIKO to lead the watch industry by switching to mercury-free batteries.
With its unique Spring Drive and Kinetic technology and its industry-leading initiatives in compliance with global regulations and standards, (including the EU WEEE, Nickel and RoHS Directives), SEIKO has always been at the forefront of environmental actions in the watch industry.

In 2007/08, SEIKO will again reduce the environmental impact of its products by converting to the use of mercury-free batteries in advance of changes in button battery regulations in the world.

Mercury: A dangerous element
It has long been recognised that mercury is a noxious and dangerous substance and the usage of mercury batteries has been banned for many years in most countries. However, exceptions have always been made for button-type watch batteries because of the very low levels of mercury they contain and because mercury's anti-corrosion properties contributed to the overall product safety. Mercury has been used to control the corrosion of the zinc within the battery; this was necessary to eliminate the generation of hydrogen gas which could cause the battery to swell and leak. Today, all silver oxide batteries have up to 2% mercury by weight. The introduction of mercury-free batteries could eliminate hundreds of kilograms of this dangerous metal entering the environment every year.

Challenge of quality

SEIKO has had high and unique quality standards even for batteries. This switching to mercury-free battery installation is not an exception. As a result of passing the series of serious quality tests, SEIKO mercury-free batteries ensure the high quality, keeping a stable voltage with low leakage, they have good preservation longevity even in a wide temperature range. Seiko Instruments Inc., as a battery producer, for example, has developed new mercury-free silver oxide batteries, which are not only more environmentally friendly but performance has also improved. Using a new electrolyte, the new SEIKO batteries work better at low temperatures range to -20°c to 60°c. Furthermore, leakage resistance has been increased by 50%, thanks to the introduction of a new micro-machine 'crimping' manufacturing process.

Immediate Implementation
SEIKO watches started to install mercury-free batteries from April, 2007 and all SEIKO watches will have mercury-free batteries by June 2008 on production basis. With this action, SEIKO once again is taking the lead in environmental responsibility in watch industry.

May, 2008


When the Arctura collection made its first appearance in 1997, it made a strong impact with its radical design; Arctura was adventurous, sleek, high-tech and bold.

Today, eleven years later, Arctura is re-born. Still true to its heritage of audacious design, the new Arctura has an aerodynamic profile whose strength bears witness to the power of the Kinetic movements.

The concept of Arctura is the arc, the most emotionally satisfying of the many shapes in our world. The arc might be found in nature, like a rainbow, or it might be in man-made creations like the dome of a Renaissance cathedral. Wherever it is to be found, it is a form that pleases the eye and speaks of continuity, eternity and purity. The new Arctura collection pays homage to the perfection and beauty of the 'arc' with its sleek lines, accentuated curves and circular accents.
Arctura will be at the center of SEIKO's global campaign in 2008. With its 16 different styles and no less than 5 different calibers, the collection embraces timepieces for men and women, for the collector and the sports enthusiast and for lovers of pure design.

Kinetic, The six-month Power Reserve with Retrograde Day Indicator

These creations house a new Kinetic movement which offers a six month power reserve and a retrograde day of the week indicator. The shape of this indicator echoes the arc of the planets in the sky and the passage of time that they measure. The new caliber is Kinetic technology at its pure and simple best. Move, and the watch generates, on its own, the electricity it needs to power the high-accuracy movement. Put it down and its power reserve keeps the watch working at full accuracy for no less than six months.

SEIKO Arctura . The women's Kinetic watch comes of age!

The much-demanded SEIKO Kinetic range for women has arrived. As women often have a wide repertoire of watches, SEIKO Kinetic offers them the ultimate convenience of a long, 6 month power reserve and unfailing accuracy. The new Arctura Kinetic collection for women comprises three models, two with diamond and mother-of-pearl dials.

May, 2008


At Baselworld 2007, SEIKO launched a new marine collection, Velatura, to great acclaim. Over the past year, Velatura has found favor among the world's sailing and marine community with its distinctive design and its high functionality. The 2007 collection included two new calibers, the Yachting Timer and Kinetic Direct Drive. For 2008, these are joined by a new Diver Chronograph and new design innovations in the collections for both men and women.

The Velatura Diver Chronograph

The chronograph caliber 7T92 is well suited to the Velatura design and the 200 meter water resistance offered by the screw crown, screw button, and screw caseback completes this new offering in the Velatura collection. Perfectly designed for all marine sports, the new Diver Chronograph has all the features that have made the collection so successful - the sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, the high-legibility dial, and the design touches that reflect the world of high-performance marine sport. It is offered in two executions, one with a urethane strap and the other with a steel bracelet, inset with urethane panels.

Velatura. The choice of the best racers.

In 2007, SEIKO was chosen as the watch partner of the International 49er Association and Velatura has become the watch of choice for the leading exponents of this, the fastest of all Olympic sailing classes. In 2008, SEIKO and the International 49er Association renewed the agreement and the gold, silver and bronze medallists at the 2008 World and European Championships in Australia and Spain respectively, received Velatura Yachting Timers in recognition of their achievements. The feedback from the 49er Class Association and its leading sailors will help to shape future generations of Velatura designs.

May, 2008


Visitors to the Hall of Dreams at this year's Baselword exhibition will be met with a strikingly bold new sight, The Cube. This all-new stand has been designed not only to provide a suitably prestigious setting for SEIKO's new collections, but also to express the essence of SEIKO as a brand and as a watch manufacturer.
Viewed from afar, the stand presents a striking and sharply angled white profile. As the visitor approaches, he or she will see that the tall white rectangles of the exterior enclose a corridor, accessible from both ends of the stand, along which are showcases containing more than 50 new designs drawn from all new SEIKO collections, all of which are presented to the world for the first time at Baselworld 2008. The corridor is called the Crystal Canyon, with no less than 40,000 crystals lining its walls which rise nine meter into the air.

Once the visitor has passed along the Crystal Canyon, a new vista presents itself. The bright light and confined width of the canyon gives way to an open space whose walls are lined with rock, from the floor to the full height of the hall itself. The feeling is one of awe and yet, at the same time, of peace. The space is impressive but welcoming and SEIKO's guests will be able to explore the new collection at their leisure in this remarkable atmosphere.
The design of the stand reflects the character of SEIKO. The simplicity and impact of the rectangular exterior expresses the clarity of SEIKO's vision. Innovation and Refinement are blended together in this impressive façade and the single, small showcase cut into the exterior angle provides an opportunity to see these values embodied in one single watch.

The inner strength of SEIKO, its expertise in every area of the watch manufacturer's art, is captured in the drama of the Stone Square. Just as every SEIKO watch, Spring Drive, mechanical, Kinetic or quartz, has strength at its core in a movement of world-leading technology, so the new SEIKO stand has at its center the Stone Square expressing the strength of the brand by solid rock.
The new stand is also a study in contrasts. The immensity of the exterior contrasts with the intimacy of the interior. The white and simple exterior finds its counter-point in the organic materials of the inner court. These differences are brought together in harmony by the design of the stand, just as the many different skills that SEIKO brings to bear in its watchmaking are blended together into every individual timepiece. In this way, the orchestration of differences, which is at the heart of SEIKO's DNA, is also reflected in the design of the new stand.

The stand was designed in Japan in a collaborative project between SEIKO's own in-house designers and a leading design firm specializing in displays, stands and exhibitions. The new SEIKO stand, The Cube, also features the Atrium lounge and the Sky Room, luxuriously appointed spaces designed to welcome a record number of visitors for meetings or a brief moment of relaxation.

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